Nataliya Tarasova

Nataliya Tarasova obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Lomonosov Moscow State University in biophysics (bioengineering), where the main field of her interest was the study of properties of mixed hydrated phospholipid bilayers by molecular dynamics simulation. She joined the Zubarev group in June 2011 as a pre-Ph.D. student, mainly focused on establishing a proteomics based monocyte assay to measure inflammatory responses and affinity purification of citrulline-containing peptides (chemical modification and immunoprecipitation).
Selected publications

1.Pyrkova D.V., Tarasova N.K., Efremov R.G. «Study of two-component lipid bilayers: molecular dynamic simulations». – XVII international conference «Mathematics. Computer. Education» – 2010, 1, p. 312-319 (in Russian) ( )

2.Darya V. Pyrkova, Natalya K. Tarasova, Timothy V. Pyrkov, Nikolay A. Krylov, Roman G. Efremov «Atomic-scale lateral heterogeneity and dynamics of two-component lipid bilayers composed of saturated and unsaturated phosphatidylcholines» – Soft Matter (RSC), 2011, 7, 2569 ( )
3.Darya V. Pyrkova, Natalya K. Tarasova, Nikolay A. Krylov, Roman G. Efremov «Lateral Heterogeneity as an Intrinsic Property of Hydrated Lipid Bilayers: A Molecular Dynamics Study» – Molecular Dynamics of Nanobiostructures, 2011. MSSMBS2010. ISBN: 978-1-61324-320-6 ( )
4.Pyrkova D.V., Tarasova N.K., Pyrkov T.V., Nolde D.E., Efremov R.G. «Lipid Lateral Clusterisation in hydrated bilayers with dioleoylphosphatidylcholine and dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine». Biomembranes, 2011, 28 (4), p. 298-306 (in Russian) ( )