Hongqian Yang

Hongqian (Angie) Yang obtained her bachelor’s degree from Peking University-major in biological science; minor in psychology. Then she completed her master’s education at Royal Institute of Technology in the field of molecular biotechnology. She joined the Zubarev group in 2009 as a Ph.D. student, mainly focused on protein deamidation (isoaspartate) and Alzheimer’s disease related studies.

Selected publications

Hongqian Yang, Yaroslav Lyutvinskiy, et.al. Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment are associated with elevated levels of isoaspartyl residues in blood plasma proteins. J. Alzheimers. Dis., 2011,27(1): 113-118

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Philippe Grappin, Boris Collet, Hongqian Yang, et.al, New proteomic developments to analyze protein isomerization and their biological significance in plants.  J. Proteomics., 2011, 74(8):1475-148

Hongqian Yang and Roman A. Zubarev, Mass spectrometric analysis of asparagine deamidation and aspartate isomerization in polypeptides. Electrophoresis, 2010, 31, (11), 1764-1772

Roman A. Zubarev and Hongqian Yang, Multiple soft ionization of gas-phase proteins and swift backbone dissociation in collisions with  99 eV electrons. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2010, 49(8): 1439-1441

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