Jimmy Ytterberg

Dr. A. Jimmy Ytterberg obtained his MSc (Sw: ‘magister examen’) in chemistry from Stockholm University 2000 and enrolled in the graduate program in the department of biochemistry at the same university spring 2000 to work with Prof. van Wijk. When Prof van Wijk accepted a position in the department of Plant Biology at Cornell University later that year, Jimmy move together with the rest of the lab to Ithaca, NY in USA and enrolled in the graduate school at Cornell University. Jimmy’s research at Cornell focused on proteomics of the thylakoid membrane of Arabidopsis thaliana. He later joined the lab of Prof. Joseph Loo at UCLA in Los Angeles for his first post-doc 2006. The research was mainly focused on the proteome characterization of human saliva and X-ray exposed lymphoblasts. In 2009, he joined the lab of Prof. Ole N. Jensen at the University of Southern Denmark in Odenese, Denmark for a second post-doc to work on plant proteomics. One and a half year later, he moved on to the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden to join the Zubarev/Klareskog labs to be part of the PRIMI (PRedIctive Models in Inflammatory diseases) project funded by SSF. October 2011, he got a position as an assistant professor (Sw: ‘forskarassistent’) in the department of Medicine, Solna at the Karolinska Institute. His research interests are mass spectrometry, peptide and protein characterization and mass spectrometry based quantitation.